This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

A Clear Direction

Our answers are always within, one just needs to make sure the tools that are being used are heading you in a direction that is the most beneficial to your life.

Looking back I can see I had a definite purpose in the direction I wanted my life to go when I begin the study of my own mind. There weren’t any lofty goals to achieve anything or some great state of mind to make my life about something in particular, all I wanted was to find the peace that eluded me for most of my life. This is still my direction today, but just because one is on a so called spiritual path, it doesn’t mean what you’re doing is beneficial to you. I did things for years that I was told were right and it turned out not to be so beneficial for me; these things actually keep me in bondage. I won’t go into details, but what I do today is beneficial and how I know this is because I’m at peace and don’t have a real desire for anything else. I have passion in my heart for things, but not an aching because I need this moment to be different. I’m not looking for anything, that’s how you will know if what you’re doing is healthy for you.

You may want to be the most spiritual person in your circle, you may be reading all the books, quoting all the right people, and putting all your energy into your practice, but the question is can you stop it all and still be at peace. If not what you’re doing is only being used as a distraction. I was distracted for forty nine years, so I know what I’m talking about. Try another book, a program, therapy, another pill, working out, meditation, and whatnot, but when the tasks is complete and you are living your daily life, if you’re not at peace, what you’re doing isn’t working. All things are pointers, but where the misdirection is in thinking the pointers are the answers. The answers are always within, you just need to make sure that the tools you’re using are heading you in that direction that is the most beneficial.

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