This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Conventional Comparisons 

The main reason why one’s existence is so problematic is because of the way we compare our current self to our previous self and to the self of others. This blocks the ability to see our completeness as we are.

Comparisons have no inherent value to them in and of themselves, they are just used as a mind construct to keep itself busy. Our minds mostly live in the conventional world of comparisons and this is why one has problems. Without these conventional comparisons the suchness of life would be experienced instead of all the nonsense that comparisons create. We’ll use containers of water to show how this works. Let’s say there’s a 16oz. bottle of water on a counter, it’s just there, no label is needed for it to exist, now put a gallon of water next to the 16oz. bottle and the gallon is now labeled as bigger. Put a 5 gallon jug next to both and see the label change. Now take away both the gallon and 16oz bottle and away goes the label of the 5 gallon jug as being the biggest, it exist in exactly the same way, with or without the comparisons. The main reason why our existence is so problematic is because of the way we compare our current self to our previous self and to the self of others.

There’s one reasons why someone says they are on a path to become more spiritual, it’s because there’s a comparison to someone else’s idea of what a spiritual path is or one’s old self, this gives the comparison thought energy, but it’s just not true, inherently you exist without needing any comparisons. When the 5 gallon water jug is sitting alone, it exist as it is, there’s nothing to compare it to. This is our true nature, if this isn’t understood you will need, a program, a method, a path, a substance, or something else to reach for because you will be comparing yourself to something which blocks you from seeing how it’s only your comparisons that cause you problems. To see this is to see the suchness of your very being, your completeness as you are, which needs no comparison to be.

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