This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Mental Relations 

A mental relation reaching for God is no different than a mental relation reaching for Heroin, and although these will produce much different outer results, the same inner bondage remains in place.

Mental relations to what’s occurring determines the energy you will live by and this is because the mental relations are tied into your emotions, which is what gives them life. It’s never truly about what’s occurring, it’s always the mental relation to it that determines what one will do next. Using the example of food shows how prevalent this is. Food is needed to live, but how about dessert, see how the mental relation to dessert makes the emotion of delight arise. Nothing inherently has any substance to it, if we didn’t have tastebuds our eating habits would be very different and this would be because the mental relation to pleasure wouldn’t arise and manifest in the need to be satisfied by food or dessert. Without tastebuds we would eat when we were hungry, not to say that we don’t now, but I know in my case food and especially dessert is mostly used for the fulfillment of pleasure. I don’t eat food that I don’t like and I definitely only eat dessert for pleasure. The mental relation we have to things determines how strong their grip is.

Look at some of the most glaring labeled addictions in our society and see why many don’t break free from their hold. The mental relation to anything being used as a coping mechanism runs deep, but what’s not understood is the less glaring one’s have the same mental relations as the one’s that wreck havoc and even kill. One uses programs to break free from the mental relation to something, only to substitute it for another mental relation in the form of a program, and although the outer results are different, the same bondage to a mental relation remains in place. A mental relation to God is no different than a mental relation to Heroin, again different outer results, but the same inner bondage exist. Until this is understood, the mental relation to whatever thing the Conditioned Mind uses, will keep one in bondage to whatever is being used.

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