This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

The Pull of the Past 

The energy of the past has so much pull because of the way the Conditioned Mind uses past experiences to process life from and until this is realized the present moment will basically be out of reach.

Here’s the reason the present moment has so much value and why it’s so difficult to grasp. However old you may be, if you aren’t living in the present moment, you are pulling from all your past experiences or you are using the future where nothing truly exist. In my case as far the past is concerned, that’s fifty eight years of the past, it’s no wonder the mind has a difficult time settling, there’s just so much information for it to process and it’s added to every moment of every day. Then there’s the future and although this dynamic is different than the past, things are still used from the past to process the future, case in point is the way the mind uses its reaching mechanism. Most of why something is reached for is to change the way one wants to feel now and also how one wants to feel in the future. For me there are fifty eight years of Conditioned Mind Patterns in place to use, this is why when a person stops using one thing, another thing is substituted for it.

People only gain weight when they stop reaching for and using cigarettes because they turn their attention to reaching for and using food in response to a mind agitation. When the mind settles and more time is spent in the present moment, the reaching for whatever is being used is lessened and so are the substitutions, hence there’s less weight gain. The older a person is, the more engrained their conditioning is, its been proven those who start a sitting practice at an early age have much more stability in their life than someone who doesn’t; to me it makes sense because they don’t have all that past pulling at them. Don’t make this anymore complicated than it needs to be. Live in the present moment where life truly exist, or live in the past and future where the only thing that exist is past and future grasping, decided by a mind thats been conditioned to do so.

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