This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Immersed in Self

If we seek what we think is needed to wake from our sleep, one will probably remain asleep. Our urging is from the Universe, but this will not be known if we are immersed in a self that thinks it knows what’s best.

We are a product of the Universe, we are not a product of ourselves. We did not call for our creation, nor do we call for the time when it will end. It’s our existence that’s a product of the Universe and the energy transformed to awaken is from the Universe. This is why we can not really do anything to transform ourselves. We can only do the necessary practice to allow our heart to open so the Universe can use us. Even this is not of our doing, the practice is from the urging of the Universe. We want to practice because the Universe is calling. The reason some practice and some don’t is because for some the noise in the head is to loud to hear the still small voice within. Even though it seems our urging is from the outside, it can only be heard from within.

Through our Conditioned Mind we become immersed in a very self-centered self, but understand this is also an urging from the Universe, it’s just not one that produces love. Energy always is, it’s just a matter of listening to the urging and hearing where it directs you. We seek because the Universe calls us, we see because the veil of a Conditioned Mind is removed and our energy is then guided by what we seek. Spirituality is not magical for a selected few who think they are special, it’s available to anyone who makes it a practice to listen to the outer urging from within. The Universe calls, but are you listening? And if you think you are listening, are you hearing the true message or are you making up your own message to fulfill your self-centered self. It takes much quietness to hear the Universe’s urging, the alternative is to listen and follow your own. Now isn’t that scary? Why may you ask, because most of our urgings are immersed in a self-centered self for our own benefit.

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