This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Being Isn’t a Doing

The true essence of life can only be understood by being. Life is not a doing because it exist regardless of what you do. Defining a life through what you think you need to do is your doing, not life’s.

To be and to do are a part of life, but doing occurs from the essence of being. You can always be, but you don’t have to always do. Actually if you aren’t aware of being, whatever is done will be a distraction from the true essence of being. Our experiences are a result of what we do in life, but they don’t make life what it is because if they didn’t occur, life would still be. Doing creates stories. Being creates life.

Think about the most beautiful thing you have ever seen and experienced, now how much does it have to do with life right now? It is a fond memory, a story, but this exact moment would still be regardless of what was seen and experienced. At the time I’m sure the experience was breath taking (to the Conditioned Mind) but it really has nothing to do with right now. The story of it does because the conditioning makes it so, but that is your doing not life’s.

To be is life because to be is. It always is regardless of what you do. This is where many fall short of understanding the true essence of life because doing and not being is put first and is thought to be what’s needed to live life. But life will always be, until one day it won’t be. And all the doing in the world will not stop this from happening. So do whatever it is that you want to do, but understand it is in being where life arises from and when you’re just being, life is lived to the fullest because you don’t have to do. We cannot do the next right thing, we can only be the next right thing. This is why it’s said to “Just Be” not Just Do, because to be is the true essence of life. The simple saying “Just Be” can be used as a tool to stop the squirrel cage “doing” mind in its tracks. After all, we are called human beings and not human doings because it’s only in being that our life can be lived to its fullest intention not to do.

Comments on: "Being Isn’t a Doing" (2)

  1. Yes true …I find it much easier to be when in meditation practice but when the body is actively doing something, find it much harder to realise that I am not the doer …..any advice?
    …really love all your posts ….many thanks

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    • Although the mind is usually everywhere but the present moment, the body is a great anchor to use in a sitting practice because there’s no way it can’t be in the present moment.

      The importance of developing a sitting practice is in how this develops discipline which allows the mind to settle enough so one is in the present more often than not. The breath is used for this because it anchors you in the body which is always in the present. You never take a past or future breath, you can only take a breath in the present, this is why the breath is used. It’s the same reason chants are used, when Om is used, you don’t Om in the past or the future, you Om right now, when this is done it anchors you in the body which is always in the Now. The mind for most is constantly in the past or future, there are times when it’s present, but this is fleeting and mostly occurs because of happenstance. The body is a great anchor to use in a sitting practice because there’s no way it can’t be present. This doesn’t prevent anything from happening, but what it does do is it allows for one’s awareness to be with what’s happening instead of having resisting energy trying to use something to push it away. This resisting energy is at the core of how addictions manifest.

      Besides a sitting practice, I often use the tool of simply looking down at my feet and since wherever my feet are there I am, it also anchors me in the present. This is also why one uses a mindfulness practice, such as walking meditation because as you are mindful of each step, you’re anchored in the body which as stated before, is always in the present moment. Life is magical in relation to the things that occur for one’s energy to be transformed to form, but there’s nothing magical in being present for what’s actually happening, as long as one is aware that it’s not happening to you, it’s just what’s happening, you just happen to be present to observe it.


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