This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Head or Heart Living 

Head (intellect) living knows love only through a story, heart living knows love through the peace that passes all understanding. The head will never understand what the heart knows intuitively.

The contrast between head and heart living is simply because the head is from the intellect and the heart is from love. If you’re truly aware of this you will pick up on the difference from something as simple as a FB response from someone. The heart connects and the head separates and it’s because the heart only knows unconditional love and the head only knows how to put conditions on everything, hence this is where one’s struggles stem from. It doesn’t mean when you live from the heart you won’t be troubled by things, they just won’t have the same adhering effect that living from the head creates. I notice head living immediately from the way a person responds to one of my post, this isn’t to say my post can’t be debated, but since I write from my heart when someone responds from the head it’s immediately picked up on because it creates some conflict.

Head living knows love only through a story, heart living knows love through the peace that passes all understanding. There’s very little if any “I” attachment living from the heart, living from the head there’s nothing but “I” attachment. All conflict with oneself and others come from the head, it’s impossible to have conflict when living from the heart, you may not enjoy everything that happens living from the heart, but you will accept it because that’s how the heart works. The love of the heart is from the energy of the Universe, it connects one to all that is. We are the energy of all creation and cannot truly be separated from it, but it can seem like one is separated because that’s what the energy of “I” (the head) does. When a person states there’s a void in their life, it’s because the head is causing a story of separation from the heart, but since everyone who is alive has a heart there’s no true separation, there’s only the contrast between the head and heart because the intellect and not the heart is running the show.

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