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Conditioned to Self Destruct

Looking at yourself takes more courage then most people will ever exhibit, but only because the conditioning in place doesn’t allow it, and until your life isn’t about you anymore, your conditioning prevails.

Everyday I’m more and more amazed at the things that people are ok holding onto with the emphasis totally on satisfying themselves. This is without much consideration for anyone else and it’s strictly from an “I gots to get mine” attitude. I know it’s because they know not what they do, but the suffering this causes and how it cements the conditioning in place can be truly disheartening. Notice I said can be disheartening because if one is truly awake, there’s the understanding that the way things are is the way things are and wanting them different also cements the conditioning in place. I’m writing about this because it’s heart breaking, when you have answers and not many are willing to hear, it’s like having a cure for cancer, but nobody will listen. Without going into specifics, the conditioned unconsciousness runs so deep that people will justify doing all kinds of self destructive behavior without blinking an eye; drugs, alcohol, gambling, porn, rioting, protesting, total defiance for any authority, murder, rape, assault, and robbery and this is only the tip of the Conditioned Mind iceberg. Here is why this is, at least from my experience, it’s much easier because of the way one is conditioned to justify self destructive behavior than to look at yourself. Truly looking at yourself takes more courage then most people will ever exhibit, not because they can’t, but because the conditioning in place doesn’t allow it.

I offer to talk to people to possibly assist them because of something they may be going through and all kinds of excuses are made not to connect. I get it, but it doesn’t make it any easier to watch people suffering when there’s a way out. So this means people would rather remain in their suffering then to go beyond it, that’s the part that’s heart breaking. I don’t say this because I’m a know it all, but I have been released from the grip of my Conditioned Mind to a degree and was provided answers to strictly share my experience with others. How do I know that I’ve truly broken free from the Conditioned Mind, because my life isn’t about me anymore.

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  1. The most painful experiences in my life have been when I’ve tirelessly worked so hard to help others break free from what holds them back from obtaining peace and they don’t listen.
    You writing is so necessary and effective.
    Marina Cowdell

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  2. Hi Michael.
    I was curious at your message here today.
    You appear stressed about the fact that people are not listening to you or taking your help as given.
    I see you follow Byron Katie who says that stress is the first sign that you are attached to something that is not right for you. What attachment do you think you may have here?

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    • Hi Roz, nice to hear from you. I appreciate your concern I really do. I have a reason for ever article I write, it’s never done randomly. The article “Conditioned to Self Destruct” was written with someone specific in mind to get a message across. The core of all I share is non attachment and it’s what I practice diligently as stated in The Four Principles of the Conditioned Mind which I developed. These are what I live by.

      If there isn’t a process in place to understand why one thinks, says, and does what they do, what’s done will continue to randomly happen and life will be lived as if it’s a game of chance.

      Here’s a summary of the Four Principles of the Conditioned Mind.

      The Four Principles of the Conditioned Mind:

      1. The Principle of a Conditioned Mind – Understanding.

      This is the cornerstone of all the other principles because without understanding your conditioning, you will never know what you are up against and the Conditioned Mind will remain in control of your life. This conditioning is subtle, it is present even if it appears your life is outwardly perfect. The moment you think about something, you can be sure it arises from a Conditioned Mind Pattern. How do I know this? Because a thought that arises wouldn’t do so without the conditioning being in place; original thoughts are rare indeed. Understanding the Conditioned Mind is the beginning of becoming aware of your thoughts and what you can do to stop being controlled by them.

      2. The Principle of what causes the Conditioning – Attachment

      Once there’s an understanding of Principle One the next Principle addresses what embeds the Conditioned Mind Pattern into one’s subconscious. This occurs because of attachment which is to one’s I Self, as it’s described in my book. It’s this story of I that one has been creating their entire existence and it’s where all attachment arises from. Pure and simple if one didn’t create this I Self, there would be nobody to attach to a thought.

      3. The Principle of Awareness of the Conditioning – Realizing

      So now there’s a deeper understanding of why one thinks, says, and does what they do. What happens in Principle Three is there’s a realization of one’s behavior and it’s seen how so many times one has acted in ways that wasn’t beneficial to themselves or anyone else. In this realization there’s finally a choice, that for years wasn’t there. Life occurs, the conditioning arises, but now it’s understood so there’s no attachment to what arises. Although the mind will try, but it’s through this realization that allows one to see it’s your own mind that’s telling you to act in ways that isn’t beneficial to yourself or anyone else.

      4. The Principle of Conditioned Mind Freedom – Practice

      Principle Four is the glue that holds the process of these principles together. These Four Principles allow something tangible to be held onto so one sees how putting a practice in place allows the mind to settle. The more one practices, the more one’s mind settles and with a settled mind there’s much more awareness of the first three principles and with more awareness of the first three principles, the mind settles more. This goes round and round and as it does, these principle feed off each other as the mind naturally aligns with its true nature of stillness.

      It’s written in the bible to “Be Still” it doesn’t say read another book, get a spouse, a degree, a better job, or so on, not that there’s anything wrong with any of these things, but it’s in a practice that can center you in the present moment that develops the discipline necessary for these principle to take hold. If and when the time comes for a deeper self investigation to expose the lies of the Conditioned Mind even further, the 12 Steps to Freedom would be the next step in the process of waking up and breaking the hold of one’s Conditioned Mind.

      Again thanks for your concern, but I’m good. Much love to you.


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