This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

There’s so much collective conditioning in our society, it’s almost impossible to break free. This is why it’s so difficult to break an addiction because the thing addicted to is always focused on and not the collective conditioning of I.

The collective conditioning will pull you along as if you are a puppet on a string unless there is some awareness that this is happening. To me the only thing that allows this awareness to happen is one’s thoughts slowing down enough to where there’s a millisecond of space between them, if space is created the collective conditionings pull lessens. The only thing I’ve found that allows this space is discipline developed by sitting, it’s very important to understand this because people sit for hours with other intentions and the moment they’re finished, their thoughts take over again. An understanding of what is being done is beneficial because it allows for a clear path which keeps the mind open to learn. If everything stays in the head as intellect, it will be difficult to break free from the energy the collective conditioning emits. The larger the group of the collective conditioning, the harder it is to pull away.

One example of this is from the Bible, the masses grew and grew as the Pharisees publicly persecuted Jesus, and as more people were pulled into the collective conditioning, the energy to have him crucified grew. If you research some of the conquerors of the past, you will see how the collective conditioning works, as their reigns became deeper and they expanded their empires, the collective conditioning became deeper. There’s so much collective energy in our society it’s almost impossible to break free of it as it’s reinforced daily. It’s why addiction is so hard to break free of, not because of the thing addicted to, but because of the collective conditioning of I that keeps it in place, This even includes those trying to help in the addiction field because the addiction is to I and the focus is always on the thing one is addicted to. Until I is addressed and space between ones thoughts is created so I loses its hold, very few people will ever truly break free because the collective conditioning won’t allow space between one’s thought as the collective I remains in control.

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