This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

A View Related Life 

Situations unfold in life and the view that’s in place is the way one will respond to those situations as they occur, as a matter of fact everything is related to one’s view and will be responded to accordingly.

For many many years my view of life was one of constant judgment, the moment a situation arose it was judged. The base of these judgements were from a place where there wasn’t much room for anything or anyone but myself. The thing about this view is I didn’t know it was in place nor did I know there was any other way but this way to relate to what arose in my life, and it was all because the view in place didn’t allow for an openness to see things differently. This is one of the main reasons there was very little change in my life, and it’s the reason why there’s very little true change in most lives. These views are developed over long periods of time and get so deeply engrained, that’s why it usually takes something catastrophic for a person to change. These views come with a set of tools and they’re used as one sees fit to get what they want, whether consciously or unconsciously.

The tools in place are also developed and are used according to how one relates them to the base of their life. If the base is selfish and immature so will the tools be, but this also applies where one’s base is of love, the tools used will be in relation to love.
Everyone’s behavior is related to the tools and base of their existence and what is extremely unfortunate is so many people lack the maturity to have a base of love, not because they can’t, but because it has never been developed. There’s so much nonsense that goes on between one’s ears and it’s because of never truly maturing. You don’t think this is so, just look at the pacifier you are using to bring comfort to your life. And although many have aged beyond sucking on pacifier, it’s still being used except it’s in a different form. Please understand there’s no judgement here, there’s only what is seen, and until one truly relates their behavior with the base of how life is viewed, a pacifier will continued to be reached for in whatever form is desired because it’s how one relates to the view that’s in place.

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