This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Time and the Monkey Mind

Until the veil of ignorance is removed, the “monkey mind” will be in control. This isn’t in place as something that’s wrong, but it does block one’s true essence from arising and because of this one doesn’t truly live.

It’s often said one should practice being in the present moment, but in reality this is impossible because the present moment instantly becomes the past. Even before you can finish saying I’m in the present moment, it’s already in the past. Watching the unfolding of time as each moment occurs is key if one is to not get caught up in the “monkey mind” which is a mind that’s constantly in the past or future. This “monkey mind” is the state that most of humanity is stuck in. It’s the energy that most emit out, this is one reason it’s so difficult to go beyond it. People see things through this mind and because of ignorance are blocked from realizing this. Until this veil of ignorance is removed the “monkey mind” remains in control. The “monkey mind” isn’t in place as something that’s wrong, but it does deter one’s true essence from arising and thus it blocks one from reaching their full potential.

The unfolding of time is something one needs to become more aware of if the mind is to slow down. This slowing down can occur if there’s something in place to allow it, although this won’t just happen on its own, but there’s also nothing one can do to make it happen so it would seem as though one is stuck between a rock and a hard place. This is all part of the”monkey mind” it’s in place to make life chaotic just like a monkey, hence the name. One thing I’ve noticed that allows for the “monkey mind” to be tamed somewhat is to be aware of it in relation to time. Time is one of the “monkey mind” key elements so instead of using time in the conventional way, just watch how each moment unfolds. This unfolding is constant and when it’s seen the mind naturally slows, and this is because time is no longer being used as the key that lets the monkey out of its cage.

Comments on: "Time and the Monkey Mind" (1)

  1. perhaps we are – mindwise – quite alike with the other primates – perhaps our minds are actually quite similar – including a “coding” / objective to provide food, shelter from the weather, and species continuation.
    as a human species, we have as a layer above – awareness of ourselves, individually, as a “specie in itself”.
    and so we live nowadays in a civilization which relies on a theft – the elite’s original demands on natural free-flowing resources and later trading and capitalization of the same. and to protect the setup, we have authorities and thus arose the current problem/suffering for our “dog mind” (monkey’s would never comply so willingly : ) – imaginations are unlimited but action is governed by law and order.


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