This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Are Our Conclusions Real?

The Conditioned Mind is a story making machine and all the stories eventually come to a conclusion. However most of these conclusions are unconsciously created to fit into a story of fulfilling some selfish desire.

The conclusions the mind conjures up need to be investigated so one can tell if they’re real or not and by real I mean beneficial to one’s life. So many people come to the conclusion about certain things without looking if those conclusions are producing results that are beneficial. Many conclusions are accepted that benefit only oneself and it doesn’t go much further than that. Even if you’re running around saving the world, the first thing is, who says the world needs saving and also is the running around helping others done more for your own well being. It’s very difficult to get in touch with real conclusions that arise from the space of stillness as opposed to the ones that are made up to satisfy some story.

Most of life’s conclusions are created to fit nicely into a story for one’s owns benefit. Very few people are truly selfless, not because that don’t want to be, but by not understanding the dynamics of the Conditioned Mind there’s no way one can be. Every story has a conclusion, it’s just part of the story, so there are two ways to see if your conclusions are real; the first would be to not create a story, this way a conclusion isn’t needed, and the second is to understand energy is not created or destroyed, it’s only transformed. Although this form that’s being occupied will one day come to the conclusion of not functioning in its current state anymore, its energy goes on and if you want to see if this conclusion is real, sit and be still and you will see no conclusion is real and neither is one’s story.

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  1. it starts to appear to me that “i” – in terms on the mind being – is a slave to my associated life forces (i started to say – “food and toilet finder” but more though). and as such rather belong to the stomach than the head.
    it made me consider “that me” quite animal related, and maybe the suffering started when we got that conscious that we got civilized and started to set boundaries for or action – like i will not go and try to “finish” the person who right now – according to my mind – unneccesary and by false motives – drives round in a garden tractor making unnecessary noise to my ear.
    and could be the way out or maybe rather above is to become concious on that ego thing rather than just being conscious in it?
    and maybe that´s why inquiry can be such a relief – it is actually lifting thinking above one self in seek of truth above all. and even then the final result og inquiry is not at first and or isolated beneficial to me as “mind ego” – it serves my possible higher self with peace, understanding and maybe even appreciation and joy – possibly in shape of a good belly laugh on one as that ego mind


    • i got to the turnaround part now (yes a bit late i know) – and yes maybe i ! … hmmm ! … was making “unnecessary noise” : ) – with my somewhat long – a bit misspelled – and probably in a poor translation (my native language is danish) …. and guess what – i cannot find here an option to either correct or delete the comment, so this is it : ) – anyway will use the opp to send you greetings, precious MC

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