This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Who Struggles But I

Attachment to I makes life delusional and it’s at the core of why one struggles with life, but the struggle isn’t truly with life, it’s with I. There wouldn’t be a struggle if one didn’t attach to I and create a delusional identity.

Life is never the reason why we have struggles, it’s never personal, it just is, but it’s made personal when we attach to I. If there wasn’t this attachment to I, there would never be a struggle. It’s this way with all of life, at least this has been my experience. Life is always happening, but it’s the I attachment that makes it a struggle. The struggle is never because of what happens, it’s always because of I attaching to what happens. Look at this for yourself, can there be a struggle without I? When life is considered a struggle, who is struggling? It’s impossible to struggle without I, so if there isn’t an association with I and I isn’t attached to, what are you left with?

This isn’t as complicated as it my seem, it’s only the attachment to I that’s blocks one from their true self. It’s not that I doesn’t exist, it’s just not in the way it’s perceived. If you were punched by someone it’s felt, but the question is, who feels it? I do, but without I, no one is there to feel. So it’s the I identity that makes us attach to the struggles that cause of our inner turmoil. When the mind becomes still enough to see this, what happens is you stop attaching to I. The disassociation with I is at the core of one’s peace. As long as you are alive you exist, but you don’t have to associate your identity with I, this in turn alleviates the delusion of struggling. After all, who is it that struggles? I do, but without the association to I the struggle would not be. Become very quiet and this will be understood, by who, not I, but by the still small voice within that’s always there; it’s just not heard because of how I is attached to and used to define yourself.

Comments on: "Who Struggles But I" (2)

  1. Alessandra Rivera said:

    How can one help a person who is struggling with this (I) and self medicating-(addiction)?


  2. Go to my website contact me if you want to discuss further


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