This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Our Heart of Love

Our human form is the vessel used to experience life so we should never deny our humanness, but non attachment to it is the key if one is to truly experience living from our heart of love.

When life begins, there aren’t any blocks developed to our heart of love. Slowly though as we age we develop these blocks to our heart of love by forming an identity of a human self. This is our vessel to experience life so we should never deny our humanness, but non attachment to it is key to truly experiencing our heart of love. The more thought that’s applied to our humanness, the less in touch we are with our true essence of love. So what exactly are these blocks and where do they originate from? It would be easy to say “that’s just the way I am” but no one is just the way they are, we become what we are influenced and conditioned to become. It’s very nice to say things like our true essence is to love, but with all the tragic behavior that goes on, it’s really difficult to see our true essence as anything but insanity.

Everyone goes around forcing their will on whomever they come in contact with and they call it love, but a heart of love never forces anything, it doesn’t need to. The conditioning to the identity of self goes very deep and why this is so is because it’s the foundation of most existences. It’s why people reach outside themselves for fulfillment; all to satisfy one’s self. This is the only block one will encounter to their heart of love and until there’s awareness of this, one will never truly understand their heart of love. I’m not saying people don’t love, but there’s a lot of selfish attachment to the way most people love and until the mind settles so one lives from the heart, the conditioned mind will remain in control and living from a heart of love will be fleeting at best. So sit and be still and you just may see how it’s only in the moment that your heart of love can be.

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