This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

United We Change

When we get in touch with our inner place of peace, it’s beautiful because there’s an understanding that the gift of love of our existence which we are freely given, is the gift of love that we give.

Although we are individuals, our journey is not one of individuality. It’s a journey where we are all affected by what an individual does and we all have our part that we’re accountable for. Who we’re accountable to is not only ourselves, but to the entire Universe. No one causes our suffering more than our own hands, or our own mind. We need to understand just what we mean to each other if we are ever going to get along. When we get in touch with our inner place of peace, it’s beautiful because the gift of love that we’re given becomes the gift of love that we give. This is the essence of each individual journey and when this is understood we will live in harmony more and more with each other and we will know in our heart that our survival as individuals depends on our unity. Until this happens many individuals will continue to think they’re on an individual journey and will make decisions based on fulfilling an individual agenda.

This is a heart breaking truth of existence. Who can claim they’re an individual who isn’t dependent on someone for something? From the food we eat, to the clothes that we where, to every object we touch, it comes into our possession by someone else placing it there. We are so dependent on each other in the material realm that we lose sight of the base of our true connection and that is through our manifestation of Universal Love. This is the energy from where all life is formed. Not one person comes into existence any different. This is Universal truth, not for some, but for all. How can one think because they have an abundance of possessions that it makes them more important than someone else. This is very very sad, because it separates people, it doesn’t unite, and it’s the true cause of society issues. No society can function properly without total unity and the real sadness in this is we all have a part in making it this way, consciously or unconsciously. We cannot blame the sad state of world on anyone but ourselves, because not too many of us can cast the first stone. United we must become if we want change and that change has to start with the individual. Point all the fingers you want, but it will only be in our love for others that we will love ourselves. It will only be in the love for ourselves that we will have unity with our fellows and it will only be in our unity with our fellows that our world will change.

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