This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

One day St. Peter and God we’re discussing the current state of humanity and what to do about it. St. Peter suggested maybe another great flood was the way to go. God replied, we don’t have to do anything, they (humans) are destroying themselves.

Learning to sit to give one’s mind a lot chance to possibly settle and see things in a different light will probably be the most difficult thing one will ever do, that is if they even do it. The first step is to become aware that sitting is needed, this in itself is a huge break through in breaking free from Conditioned Mind Patterns that control just about every aspect of one’s life, mostly these patterns remain in place until the day one dies without any awareness whatsoever. Unconsciousness is the norm in our society and if you just look around without judging or labeling, you will notice this and if it really resonates with you, a commitment will probably be made instantly to start sitting.

A noisy mind is scary because it’s unpredictable, there’s no rhythm or reason behind the things that are done when one is unconscious. From the Roman Empire, all wars, murder, rape, abuse, slander, hate, greed and whatnot, these are all the result of a noisy mind. Look at yourself to notice your own noise and see if this isn’t so. The scary thing is nothing will change until something is put in place that will allow the mind to settle. We already have all the resources and money for poverty and starvation to end, yet it’s still a huge part of our world. Why is this so? We have two people running to be the leader of the USA, but it will not matter who wins because both are unconscious, so nothing will really change. Maybe this is the way it’s suppose to be, I’m not here to say it is or it isn’t, but when one wakes up from their unconscious sleep and the noisy mind settles, what is seen is the love in their own heart, but unfortunately this makes one aware of the lack of love in others due to still being a sleep. Maybe starting over isn’t such a bad idea.

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