This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

X Marks the Spot

Our completeness is a well hidden treasure and although X marks the spot, for one to be aware of their treasure, it has to be known the spot that X marks.

I often speak of a completeness within each individual that doesn’t require one bit of doing for it to be, but it’s not known by many, even though it’s always there. There are reason it’s not known, these are the obstacles that must be identified or our completeness will remain as a hidden treasure. Knowing of one’s completeness is just that, a treasure and just like in the days of the pirates, a map is needed to discover it because it’s so well hidden. So much of the human psychic has to be sifted through because of one’s conditioning to even begin finding this treasure. The most difficult thing to understand about this is one already possesses the treasure, but because of all the false maps that are out there, obstacles are created so our treasure remains hidden. Without the realization of this, it makes the search seem endless.

As with most treasure maps X usually marks the spot and it’s no different here. The X in this case is on the heart and when one can see this they know they possess the true map, not one of the fake ones. The difference with this treasure map is X is the entire map, the beginning and the end, this is because the start and finish are the same. Once it’s known where the treasure (completeness) is, the obstacles (fake maps) are no longer followed, this leaves but one map and it’s the one where X truly marks the spot, right on one’s heart.

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