This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Is Suffering Necessary?

If a sentence is started with the words “I believe” STOP because an I story is being reinforced and when this occurs the only thing that can come of out of it is suffering.

A very important question to ask yourself – Is suffering necessary? The answer to this question is simple, for those who are awake, suffering isn’t necessary and for this who are asleep, it is. There has been much discussion lately about emotions and feeling and the suffering that’s associated with them. What I’ve learned is it’s the attachment to I that’s at the core of the suffering. I’ve developed a simple way to assist me in identifying when attachment is rearing its ugly head, I simply ask myself “Is suffering necessary” for me I’ve learned any attachment blocks my freedom to be present for what’s actually occurring, not an I story of what’s occurring. Not understanding how I is the core of attachment is why emotions and feelings are so difficult to accept and the lack of understanding impermanence anchors it.

When I finally understood the relationship between impermanence and I, it allowed the control that emotions and feelings had over me to fall away; there’s no resistance of them, they just aren’t there. Here’s how this works; my mom is eighty four years old, obviously I love my mother, but I don’t attach to her current condition. It’s inevitable that one day her passing will occur, as will everyone’s. This understanding has already allowed me to accept her passing so whenever it does occur there will be no I attachment, so there will not be the need to grieve or suffer. Everything is impermanent in life and the moment this is accepted the I lets go of its control along with its attached suffering. Look I know this isn’t the conventional way to accept emotions and feelings, but it’s what has been revealed to me and I’ve learned through self investigation that to those who are awake, suffering isn’t necessary and to those who are asleep, it is. Attach to whatever is needed, just understand suffering is optional.

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