This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Creating Space 

When space between our thoughts is created, one awakens to awareness, truth, and love. The more space that’s created, the more awareness, truth, and love there is, but there’s no magic here, just space.

Yesterday my article was about truth arising from the space within oneself. But how is this space created? A lot of times people repeat and post things that are profound, but few know their true meaning and how to actually implement them. It’s nice to say “Live in the Now” or “let go” but how does one go about doing this? Everything is learned in life so if one isn’t taught how to implement what they’re attempting to do, it probably won’t happen.

Here is one way to create space in your life so there’s the possibility for truth to arise. The first thing is to become aware of the constant chatter that goes on between your ears. If there isn’t awareness of this, it will be very difficult to create space. How one becomes aware of this is by looking inward and investigating what all the noise is about. Notice the stories that are being created and understand as long as they’re in place, space and truth will not be.

I had to start a practice of sitting and this is what allowed awareness as the constant chatter slowly subsided. This isn’t magic here, as the chatter subsided, space was created and truth began arising. This is the process that is still in place right now for me, but today the space created had expanded so there’s a lot less chatter between my ears and a lot more truth arising. If this space wasn’t created, I would be as I had always been and my book and all of the articles that I’ve written would not be. This is simple, when space is created what one awakens to is awareness, truth, and love and as there is more and more space created, there is more and more awareness, truth, and love, but like I said, there’s no magic here, just space.

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