This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Attaching Labels

Every label used to describe a path, limits that path to whatever label is being applied. Judgements, labels, concepts and beliefs, they are the limits to the awe inspiring love the Universe has to offer.

The Universe needs no permission to do what it does. It only responds to things out of necessity, but it does so unconditionally, without thought. It doesn’t label or form concepts, it’s existence as it is, with nothing added because it needs nothing, it’s self sustaining. It creates, it destroys, it neither loves nor hates in the sense of emotions, but its beauty is awe inspiring and arises from a love that can’t be described. It’s pure energy and it is from this energy that we are created.

This is existence in its purest state. The moment this is labeled it loses it sense of purity. Humans apply all kinds of labels to life, but life needs no labels. Label whatever it is you think is needed, but understand it’s derived from a concept made up by the thought I, not life. The more one’s I needs to label life the more conceptual it becomes and the more life’s true essence is missed. Even the label of no label is from a label of I.

The place of no labels, concepts, beliefs, and non emotional attachment is one’s true place of existence; it’s in this place in the midst of the Universe that our true essence is. It’s a place that is here, there, and everywhere, but not labeled as such. Stillness exist as life and if a label is needed apply it, just understand every label has a limit. Once something is labeled it creates blockage, so be in the unlimited space of what is and be with all the Universe has to offer. All the beauty of the Universe is within each and every person, it is where everyone arose from, but only the label applied by I limits the awareness of the Universe’s magnificence.

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