This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

The Noise of Wanting

When something occurs, wanting it different won’t change it. Wanting is what causes the noise in the head and only when one doesn’t want to change the unchangeable will there be quiet.

It’s vital to understand what the noise in the head is if it’s ever going to quiet and stop its incessant control. It may never quiet completely and that’s ok because it’s not about quiet so much as it is learning to live with the noise. You may say, but I’m always talking about the mind settling and quietness and now I’m saying learn to live with the noise, and that’s exactly the point, in learning to live with the noise the mind becomes quiet or at least settled. So many people try to quiet the mind and don’t realize that’s noise in the head. One will never quiet the mind, it’s just about impossible, but things can be practiced that allows it to settle. The most important part of this to understand is every thought is noise, thoughts of love – noise, thoughts of hate – noise, positive thoughts – noise, negative thoughts – noise, everything is noise until the time comes that the noise becomes quiet, not because it goes away, but because one learns to live with it.

You see, not wanting things different is quiet, but most want things as they want them and therein lies the noise in the head. Once something occurs no amount of wanting it different will change it, so what can one do but establish a mindset that doesn’t want it different, or not and remain in the discontent of the noise in the head that wants to change the unchangeable. So learning to be with whatever it is that occurs is how the mind settles and until there’s awareness of this, the noise in the head will want things different as it remains in control.

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