This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

The Process of a Life 

Life is a process, but as with any process it can go in many different directions. What needs to be looked at is if the process in place is bringing maximum results, if it’s not it can be changed, but only by you.

Here is the process that I went through when I woke up from the sleep of unconsciousness. The first thing that had to happen was, I had to admit that something wasn’t quite right in my life. I had no idea what wasn’t right, but at least I knew something wasn’t right and that was enough to initiate the first step in my process of change. The second step was deciding to make a choice to change what wasn’t right. I ran my life my way twice and both times I ended up in rehab, so I knew I had to find another way and it couldn’t be my way. I made a decision to find out what wasn’t right in my life and begin exploring what this was. The third step was the beginning of developing a path of practice. I read a lot of book in a short period of time and I began to sit in quiet which allowed me to get answers, this led me to becoming aware of new possibilities. I began seeing things that were previously hidden from my view.

Step four in this process was developing and having a clear vision of where I was heading and making a commitment to a new way of living. I saw this as a must if there was to be change from my previous process and as I sat I was provided with a new and practical way to live and the most important part about this was it wasn’t me doing it, it was being revealed to me from my mind settling through the practice of sitting. Step five and the final step in the process is valuing, appreciating, and celebrating this new way of life that was revealed to me everyday. Enjoying it is something I’m learning how to do. It matters little what happens, what does matter is to enjoy this ride (process) because one day it will end. The most important thing to me is at the end of this ride, this process of life, I know I’ll be able to say “what a ride” and I’m blessed to have all of you along with me.

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