This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

A Soul Connection

There’s a oneness with life that comes from such a deep place, but it’s not something that any human activity can make happen. It’s the connection to our souls that comes from the love in our hearts.

In my experience the love of my heart cannot expand on its own, it needs others. Deepening a connection with others deepens the love in our heart, and this is what connects our souls. If this connection to each other’s souls were to happen, there would be no more greed, hate, or war because we will fall over each other in love; it’s in this love for each other that the magnificence of life is experienced. A majestic sunset, a cool summer breeze, the magnificence of the ocean, loving oneself and others, a connection to all humanity, these are experiences from the depth of one’s soul.

I don’t profess to know what the soul is, but I do understand how a connection to others deepens my love. When I experience this, it leaves me speechless and because of all of you, I have been speechless many time in the last nine years. I’m using the word soul to describe this, but to feel this connection to life, words cannot truly explain it. To watch in awe as I’m speaking to someone and as I explain what I went through, I see a sparkle of oneness in their eyes, to me this is our souls connecting. There’s a oneness with life that comes from such a deep place and it’s not something that any human activity can make happen.

Although it’s instilled in every individual because the soul is a part of being human, one’s conditioning blocks the awareness of it. The connection to my soul is what was awakened in me and so many others, it’s what connects us all and it’s there even if one isn’t aware of it. It’s everyone’s birth right to experience this, but it will only occur when the mind is settled enough to see it. Only when there’s a deepening connection with others which allows for a deepening love of our own heart will there be a soul connection, with ourselves and with all humanity. Namaste

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