This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

A Deluded Mind 

A deluded mind doesn’t necessarily have to label things as right or wrong, what makes it deluded is it doesn’t see things as they are. Being awake allows one to see things as they are, minus the deluded story.

At one time the world was seen by most people as being flat, this was because of a belief that this was the way it was. Probably someone with authority said it was flat and nobody questioned this, that is until Galileo came along. He probably asked himself if the world being flat was true. Imagine what the people of that time were thinking and saying about him. How he came to his understanding of the world not being flat doesn’t really matter, that he wasn’t deluded about what others said is all that mattered because it led to truth.

The deluded mind doesn’t see things as they truly are, it makes up stories. The common link in all of these deluded stories is the I Self, one’s ego, and if there isn’t awareness of this, the stories will continue because they will be needed; that they are needed is the delusion of a deluded mind. The other day someone responded to a post of mine saying there are “absolutes” in life. The only absolute I see is one day this form will cease to exist in the way that it currently does. There’s no delusion about this nor is there a need to attach a story to this about going someplace else when this body dies. To me this is seeing things as they really are and without the deluded mind creating a story, one is free and can be with things as they are and not the delusional story of how life and even death is believed to be needed.

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