This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Unity inward results in unity outward. A self serving mind separates one from themselves and all beings, it’s only when one understands separation is created by their own mind that it will cease to exist.

Unity with life is related to our ability to be in unity with ourselves. It’s imperative to understand that it’s not the great secrets of the Universe, but one’s own mind that needs to be understood. When the mind is in unity with itself, it’s in unity with all beings, it’s in this place that there’s no separation. The mind that creates unity is the same mind that creates separation and it’s one’s conditioning that determines the outcome of what the default setting of one’s mind is.

Separation is generated by the energy of a self serving mind and it doesn’t allow life to be conducive to unity, so if separation is being created, it’s impossible for one not to be separated; simple. The direction the mind goes is based on the energy it generates so to that extent will one be in unity; only unity inward can emanate unity outward.

Unity is simply the ability to love. This is the hearts true direction, hence it becomes the direction of our mind. When love is generated it produces much different results than when the energy generated is self serving. The results of love are in the form of being in unity with oneself and thus in unity with all beings. To love is the simplest form of life, it’s what puts us in unity with everything. Unity is directly related to our willingness to love, our separation is in our choice to self serve. It’s up to each individual which energy is generated and what the results of life will be. Simply love and there will be unity, or not and basically you will be an island. Don’t blame life for this because it’s one’s own mind that directs what’s chosen. Love is simple to understand, but its not easy to generate the energy needed that puts one in unity with all beings.

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