This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

When it’s seen clearly how the Universe is in control and nothing has to be done but to keep aligning yourself with stillness or the greater good, doors will open that had been previously closed.

Everything happens in the time that it happens. I’m not big on “it’s suppose to happen” because some of the things that occur in life aren’t deserved. I’m not so sure about predestined occurrences as if there’s someone who designed a master plan for each individual’s life, but I do know as a fact when you align yourself with a certain energy (this energy can be labeled as love, but it doesn’t have to be) it seems to open doors that were previously closed. It’s not that these doors weren’t always there, but they weren’t seen because of the conditioning in place blocking their view.

This isn’t some spiritual magic I’m talking about here, this is just some basic practical application of using common sense. As I’ve stated before it was never my intention to write a book, let alone write an daily article everyday for the better part of three years, but lo and behold that’s exactly what happened. To me I wasn’t chosen and I definitely know there is no specialness in the sense of my existence, but what happened to this form named Michael was miraculous. A totally selfish self centered individual was transformed dramatically for the purpose of the betterment of humanity. This doesn’t mean everyone likes me or even agrees with me, but it is what happened to me.

My part in this came from a place of desperation where I probably had one foot in the grave and was existing with a very low energy level, this is the energy of selfishness. In this place of desperation I was emptied of all ego and was lifted up to a different level of energy. Unfortunately lol, since that time the ego has returned somewhat, but not with the control it once had over me. It actually has become an ally in the sense it’s how I keep learning. I know people write things like, there’s no self, or there’s no doer, but punch me or have a loved one die and see how this no self, or no doer works out.

Recently I’ve changed my direction somewhat in focusing on consciously putting more people around me with like energy and I can see things within myself starting to shift a little more away from selfishness. I only state this to show how one’s expansion will keep going as long as their energy remains aligned with the greater good or love if you prefer. You see, this life although manifested as a form named Michael, isn’t about me one bit. When it can be seen clearly how the Universe is in control, it will be understood there’s nothing that has to be done but to keep aligning yourself with stillness or the greater good. It’s stillness or the greater good that will take you to places you could have never gotten to selfishly and it’s this energy that opens doors that had been previously closed.


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