This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Settled Mind Peace 

An unsettled mind causes the need to constantly rearrange life which blocks one from seeing life as it truly is. Only when life is accepted as it is will the rearranging cease as the mind settles.

Without a settled mind nothing in life is seen as it truly appears. This is the reason life is constantly being rearranged, to try and create a world the way one thinks it needs to be. This rearranging is from an agitated mind state that creates blocks to keep one from seeing life doesn’t really need rearranging. One’s creation occurs without permission as do so many other things in life, so when it’s understood that our manifestation is from the Universe and not much else really matters, one’s mind can settle enough to see life as it truly is and stop trying to constantly rearrange it to our liking.

One of the things an unsettled mind uses to constantly need to rearrange life is to make one believe there’s a need to reach for things outside oneself. It’s this need to reach that causes one to make up beliefs that are based in the delusion that life needs to be a certain way. One’s true intention is to be an instrument of peace, but because of the noise in the head this isn’t the direction that many are headed so there’s not much in the way of being in harmony with life. This reaching is the only thing that keeps one in a state of unawareness, and it’s one’s own mind that does this. A settled mind sees truth, which allows peace and clarity. Life ends where it begins and it begins where it ends and nothing is truly as it appears.

One day you’re alive in this form and one day just like that you’re not. If one is constantly rearranging their life, there isn’t time to live it, it’s like constantly rearranging the living room furniture, there’s never time to sit and enjoy the room. Each person has to answer to themselves about their choices, if the choices are to self serve the mind will never settle and it will be very difficult to get beyond the rearranging. If the choice is to be still there will be peace because one will understand life is perfect as it is and no rearranging is needed. When this is realized, there won’t be a need for life to be any different than what it is so the rearranging will cease and one will be able to sit and truly enjoy the living room.

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