This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Until one takes their head out of the sand and understands why there’s a need to have a coping mechanism in place, it will continue to have dominance over you and this is all because of the dominance of I.

When it comes to breaking free from the grip of drugs, alcohol, gambling, sex, and whatever else one uses to cope with life, very few people truly let go of I so they remain entrapped to the bondage of self; this is the real issue in our society, it really has nothing to do with what’s being used. Many remain abstinent for years, but only become entrapped to a program, one’s dependency is just switched from one thing to another. If a program is needed to live life, there’s something not right with the mental structure of the individual. Only those who are abstinent say the twelve step programs work, but ask the millions that get lost and die how they work.

I don’t believe what will work, and I know this sounds arrogant but it’s not, I know what will work to break this bondage to I. Not because I’m a know it all, but because it has been revealed to me through the Universe. Until people take their heads out of the sand, many will continue to remain in the grip of whatever it is they’re using to cope with life and because of this people are going to continue to die. Until it’s asked why there’s a need to have a coping mechanism, nothing will change and the drug epidemic facing the entire world along with the rest of its problems will remain intact.

It’s so very important to understand the coping mechanisms that are in place if the possibility of changing them is to occur. If you don’t know the only reason they’re in place is because of the attachment to I, they will continue their dominance over you. Anything used is only done so because it’s in place and until this attachment is let go of, many of society’s and our worlds problems will remain. This I dominance is at the core of any coping mechanism that makes one have a need to reach for something and until this is truly understood, the drug epidemic along with society’s and the worlds problem will remain in place, but only because one doesn’t ask why there’s a need to have a mechanism to cope with life to begin with.

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