This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

To truly experience freedom is to understand how distractions are created as a result of a Conditioned Mind. It’s these created distractions that block out one’s own peace of mind.

While on this journey of life, if we’re to continue the expansion of a deeper understanding of ourselves, the distractions that block out this understanding must be identified. One such distraction is the carrying of the past into the present, but not the past of years gone by, how about the recent past of a week, a day or even one minute. Think about this, have you ever said to yourself on a Friday that you are glad this week is over because it was the week from hell? Nothing went right and everyday seemed to be worse then the day before and now that it’s Friday, you can’t wait to go to the bar and just unwind by having a few drinks. How many times throughout your life has this scenario been played out in your head? But I ask you this, when it’s Friday and the work week is complete, what does any previous day of the week have to do with right now? If you weren’t conditioned to carry around the past, it wouldn’t exist.

You’re the only one that creates this distraction that doesn’t allow you the freedom of living in the present. The past only burdens a person if it’s chosen to accumulate. A previous day has nothing to do with what’s occurring in the present, this is a key distraction to understand if one is to continue the deeper expansion of oneself. All this nonsense in the head about the past week has no reality to it, it’s not to ignore that the week may have been difficult, but the more of a story is held onto about how difficult it was, the more of a burden it becomes. Then when you need something to use to unwind, whatever is chosen just further distracts you from the present. Whatever is chosen is only being used to cover up the burden of the past, which you’re carrying around.

The simple distraction of a past causes so many problems because it blocks out the ability to be with the reality of the present. The past isn’t real, it existed once, but it doesn’t exist now except in your Conditioned Mind, not even one minute ago has to be carried into the present unless you allow it to be so. Find one distraction that you use in your life that blocks you from the freedom of being present and learn to let it go. After all the only thing your distractions distract you from is the present and it’s only in the present that you’ll be free.

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