This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

A Delusional Identity

The more attachment there is to one’s I, the more this creates a delusional identity. When the delusion of I is exposed, it doesn’t lead one to seeing the truth of who you are, it exposes the lies of who you are not.

As I was sitting in meditation the other day, in the silence arose how it took nearly fifty years to form an attachment to a delusional self, along with all the tools I thought were needed to make me who I thought I was suppose to be. For the last nine years I have be undoing this attachment to this delusional self which was thought to be the most beneficial way to live. This delusional self began at the time of birth when my parents named me for the purpose of having a way to identify me. This name was then attached to and the delusion began by a self that wasn’t even formed yet, but it was slowly being developed into a delusional identity.

I had an inkling of this throughout periods of my life although it was strictly on an intellectual level, but on this day there was a shift and this inkling went from my head to my heart and the delusional lie of self was exposed for me. For most people this delusion will remain in place until the time of death and although for many death itself will be the time that this lie is exposed, they may never be aware of it. For those who do awaken to the fallacy of this delusional identity, there’s a freedom that occurs that can only be known in the space of non attachment to this made up delusional self.

One’s bondage is in the belief that you are what you think, freedom is in knowing you are not. The more the lie of this delusional identity is exposed, the more exposure there will be to the truth that this self doesn’t really exist. In this truth there’s a knowing, not of who you are, but of who you are not, and it’s in the awareness of this lie that sets one free because one is no longer locked in to the identity of a delusional self.

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