This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

The Subtleness of I

The subtleness of I is what causes one to cling to things unknowingly. Watch your thoughts, see how most of them arise from I. Clinging can be changed, but I is so subtle that it will most likely continue its control.

I clings, without I there’s no clinging because there’s nothing to supply the source that the clinging needs. I is the base of clinging so when I is removed the source of the clinging is removed. There can’t be clinging without something for it to adhere to and that’s where I comes in. The thing about this is it’s so subtle that few recognize it and hence it continues to cause one to cling to it and to suffer. Watch your thoughts, see how most of them arise from I, if this can be seen, it can be changed, but it’s so subtle that I just continues its onslaught of control.

This needs to be investigated by learning why this I is developed in the first place causing one to cling. Most of one’s clinging is done because I wants the present moment to be different. I constantly searches for something pleasurable and it makes one believe pleasure is needed. I is formed from the way one is conditioned and there’s not to many people who don’t seek things they think will bring their I pleasure. The unfortunate thing about this is many of the things used only seem to bring pleasure, upon further review they really cause one to suffer, but this suffering is not in the pleasure sought, it arises from I and that causes the suffering. Not matter what happens in life, if it’s viewed from I it will in some capacity cause one to suffer. So subtle is this I, that without a practice in place to allow this to be seen, one will remind blind to the fact that I is in control and unfortunately because of this, one will never be free.

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