This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Mom’s Love

A mother’s love is the glue of any family and it holds it together. This is the love of creation that’s formed in the womb for a child unborn and it’s the love that just may one day change the world.

This is an edited repeated post, but it so fitting for this day. As I was out to dinner one day, I had the pleasure of watching this large family gathering at the restaurant. There were six grand children seated at one end of the table as the parents of the grandchildren were in attendance, so there were many mothers and fathers in the gathering. There was an elderly women at the table who was the grandmother of the six children.

I observed much love at this gathering, it was also the birthday of the elderly woman. At the time she was celebrating her eighty-first year of life. I noticed she would often start crying during certain times of this gathering and I was close enough to her to know these were tears of joy. You could see the love in her heart for her family and the love that was at the entire table for her. It was an honor to not only observe this gathering, but to also be a part of it. This was my family and it was my mom who was not only celebrating Mother’s Day, but also her birthday.

As with most families, my family is far from perfect, but I can tell you this from my own observations, a mothers love is the glue of any family and for ours this is also true. Almost all of our immediate family was there, except for three grandchildren who could not attend. My dad died many years ago, as has my wife’s mother and father, but I can tell you this, their love was with us on this day and their love is present in our lives daily. You never lose the love that you have for a person or the love they have for you, it can only be passed on; this is how love rolls. I observed this on this day at our family gathering, as I had the privilege of being a part of such a joyous occasion. To watch my moms tears of joy brought tears of joy to my own heart, and I would have to say at least on this day, regardless of my families imperfections, it was perfect because this is the way love rolls.

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