This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

The Proper Remedy

It isn’t the seeking of spirituality that causes one to get lost in the noise of seeking, it’s the improper remedy being used that keeps one lost because it doesn’t match up with what’s being sought.

Unless one knows the exact nature of an illness there won’t be an awareness of what the proper remedy for it is. This is where most people fall short when it comes to seeking spirituality and thus they don’t really ever grasp what they’re truly seeking. If a person has the flu and they’re just taking cough medicine, this isn’t the proper remedy and it won’t result in what’s being sought, although this probably won’t directly make the situation worse, it won’t make it better. There are as many spiritual remedies available as there are reasons why one seeks them, but a reason isn’t what causes the seeking and unless the cause is known, the proper remedy won’t be known and the seeking will never end.

Here’s a story to illustrate this: One day a seeker of peace who practiced mediation for years, was in a group with fellow seekers. He was asked by the leader of the group, why do you spend so much time practicing meditation and seeking peace? The answer given by the seeker was this, so I can go deeper within, I have been exploring how to be at peace for many years, going inward, looking to discover deep meditative states which I have experienced. I have constantly sought this answer. Gently the leader of the group leaned over and whispered in the seekers ear “come out of there” this simple statement stopped the seeker in his tracks and for the first time since he began seeking, he experienced the great silence that had eluded him. The seeker realized that all the noise he tried to get away came from within himself and he was lost in it. After years of trying all the so called different remedies that were at his disposal, the statement “come out of there” finally revealed to him the proper remedy that was sought. So it isn’t the seeking itself that causes one to get lost in the noise of the seeking, it’s not having the proper remedy in place which doesn’t match up with what’s being sought that keeps one lost.

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