This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Obsessive Chains

One will always do whatever it is that’s in place, until what’s in place is no longer there. The more one attaches to what’s in place, the more what’s in place becomes an obsession.

Watch the obsessions arise and how they grab hold of the mind. When this occurs it’s very difficult to stop, even if one is aware of the obsessive behavior, once one’s in its grip it usually has to run its course. Don’t be to discouraged with this because a person really isn’t at fault, one will always do what they have in place until what’s in place is no longer there. This is nearly impossible for people to grasp without some form of an established method that allows the mind to settle, even then it’s still difficult to grasp. I say don’t be discouraged because even if there’s some awareness that something sort of has you, until it truly arises and grabs hold, the magnitude of the obsession won’t truly be known.

Once whatever it is takes hold and runs its course, a serious reflection on how it grabbed you will have to be done to first see the affect it had on you and second can you or do you even want to, possibly stop this from grabbing you again. This is a very important reflection in one’s flight to freedom; if that’s what one wants. Without going into detail this exact thing recently happened to me with something a few weeks ago and the way it took control over me was like nothing I’ve experienced in a long long time.

Obsessive thoughts take away all logic and reasoning, it lays before one only one purpose and that’s to fulfill the obsession. The core of all obsessions are selfish and destructive and although all obsessions don’t physically kill they wreck havoc mentally and spiritually. Most times they run their course before one can truly see the affect they had. It is then and only if there’s an established discipline in place. that a lesson can be learned, if not the obsession will become dormant and lie in wait until the next set of circumstances activates it. If and this is a big if, if one doesn’t want this to happen again there will have to much more work towards what caused the obsession in the first place.

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