This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Our Innate Self

Accessibility to one’s innate self is always available, but it’ll only be seen through the understanding of not needing a path. When no path is needed, one sees their innate self has always been there.

A path to understanding what it takes to experience one’s innate self isn’t truly needed because one is already complete in their own magnificence, this just isn’t known. This is why it’s thought a path is needed, because of the lack of understanding that you are complete right now. There’s no place to get to or nothing to attain because it’s already had and one doesn’t have to get what they already have. This path of no path is one that doesn’t need labels, nor does it discriminate, it’s allows one to see through the labeling mind. This mind of non labeling reveals one’s own magnificence which manifests as love, compassion, kindness, and the like because without attaching to a path, one is allowed to be with what’s truly there, not the story (label) of what’s there.

This path of no path allows one to see life through eyes that are free, where one’s sees the innate perfection of how things are and how the world is. This is the perfection of what is without the discrimination that one’s own mind uses to causes suffering. Discrimination is a labeled judgement that’s not inherent, it’s a label that is attached to something that only exist in comparison to something else.

Who one innately is has nothing to do with the attached label of self. No path is needed to be with one’s innate self; a path actually causes one’s struggle because it makes one think they have to do something to be who they already are. You can only be who you innately are until you attach to a certain path, you then become who you aren’t. This is the struggle many go through as there’s a constant search for the right path, but the right path doesn’t exist. Only no path exist and when one awakens to see this, it reveals one’s own magnificence through the understanding that one’s innate self is always there, it just isn’t something that a path will reveal. 


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