This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

The difference in heaven and hell lies in one’s state of mind. The “it’s all about me” mind creates hell while the “I will assist you so we can assist others” mind is where one experiences heaven.

Here’s a little story to show the difference in how a person creates heaven or hell for themselves. A person who recently died woke up in a place that seemed as though it was paradise. There was a beautiful garden and a long banquet table filled with every food imaginable. The place settings were also beautiful, but the forks were oddly long, as a matter of fact it was impossible for one to eat with them. The people who struggled with the forks were in a created hell because they couldn’t eat, so their hunger was never satisfied and the more they tried to feed themselves, the more they struggled, they were very unhappy and dissatisfied. This table was full with people and it seemed there were some who were happy and satisfied. They were the one’s who created their heaven because although all the forks on the table were the same, which no one could feed themselves with, they discovered they could feed someone else with the forks, and in discovering this, they found that someone else could feed them. So you see, even though everyone was sitting at the same table, some created heaven for themselves and some created hell and it was dependent on the nature of their thoughts and where their focus was; on self or on others.

I have found my reality (my life) is what I create it to be. For many years I didn’t have this understanding so I unknowingly created a living hell for myself and those around me, and it can be this way today if I get caught up in the “it’s all about me” self, this is the difference between me being in heaven or hell. It has nothing to do with the circumstances of what happens or how oddly long the forks of life are, it’s the state of mind that I’m in and how the circumstances are dealt with. If I’m constantly trying to feed myself “it’s all about me” I will never be satisfied, I will never get in touch with the love that’s in my heart, never. But when I can be in the stillness of the moment where the “all about me” self doesn’t exist, my heart opens to living in ways that not only allows me to assist myself, but more importantly allows me to assist others. 


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