This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

What occurs in life becomes one’s experience and when one says yes to what occurs, it’s to acknowledge the energy of that moment so it doesn’t get labeled and become a Conditioned Mind Pattern.

Saying yes to what occurs in life is something that can be practiced so one’s energy is in constant alignment with what’s occurring. To me saying yes isn’t used to acknowledge that what’s occurring is suppose to be happening, or that one has to even like what’s happening, but it’s more so just to acknowledge what’s happening and not put a label on it so the energy of wanting it to be different doesn’t takes over. Much arises daily in life which becomes our experiences and how what arises is handled determines how those experience become engrained in the subconscious. If someone does something that isn’t particularly cared for, if saying yes to it isn’t applied, a resentment will be the stored energy of that experience.

The other day I heard of a second heroin overdose death from someone in my town. This happened within two weeks of each other as both young men were in their twenties; I stopped using drugs and alcohol as a coping mechanism when I was twenty eight. The second young man played hockey with my son in high school, I was so saddened by this news, but anger also arose. It’s difficult to say yes to this, but denying it doesn’t change what happened so saying yes has to be, so the energy of anger doesn’t become the focal point. It takes honestly to look at why the anger arose and I will tell you why it did. I had my own issues with addiction and I have since discovered it had nothing to with anything they happened to me growing up, it was all due to the conditioning that was developed, the ignorance of what a Conditioned Mind is, and the control it has over a person, unknowingly.

People are dying everyday because of this ignorance and although I constantly look for ways to get this message out to people, it mostly falls on deaf ears. I’ve learned to say yes to this, even though people are dying and I have answers. Part of the issue with what was revealed to me and being embraced by people in the addiction field is because of society’s conditioned ignorance when it comes to the Conditioned Mind. As difficult as it is knowing this and not having people listen to me, the tool of saying yes to the way things are, alleviates any discontentment associated with having real answers but being ignored.

My life isn’t a crusade to change the world, it’s to be an instrument of love in the way the Universe sees fit. This is why learning to say yes has so much value, because although life may not be the way I think it should be, it’s the way it is and when I say yes to whatever it is that’s occurring, the energy of needing it to be different doesn’t arise. It’s in this state that one can be used in the way the Universe sees fit and not in the way one thinks will fulfill their discontentments. 


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  1. As it has been said ‘God is WHAT is’!

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