This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Nothing’s Missing 

The cause of any void in one’s life is because of the thought that there’s something missing (love) which closes the heart, but when this lie is exposed the heart opens and it’s realized nothing’s missing.

From an early age there was always a need to reach outside myself as if I was looking for something that was missing, and although it wasn’t realized at the time this reaching occurred because in a sense something was missing and what it turned out to be was the ability to see life through a view of love. What I have since discovered was this, when there isn’t a view of love as one’s defaulted way of viewing life, the defaulted view will probably be a self serving one. With this view in place, it’s the reason why there’s a void to begin with and the need to reach outside, but this only occurs because of one’s own thought that something’s missing.

No void is true, it’s not really there, it’s self serving and from the ego, and because of this nothing will ever fill it as the ego is never ever satisfied. Regardless of what’s attained the ego always wants more, more money, more prestige, just plain more. This is why one is always seeking to fill a void that’s not really there because the Conditioned Mind creates it and makes one think it’s real. The cause of any seeking is from the thought that there’s an absence of love in one’s life, but when one truly loves there’s no void and there’s no seeking because there’s no thought of loves absence. Also when one truly loves it means the heart is fully opened and because love is self sustaining there’s nothing more needed, so when it’s realized nothing’s missing it’s because one already knows they have it all. 


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