This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Self Created Struggles 

Life is not a doing, when it’s made into one a struggle is created until one finds a center to just be. When one can just be, there’s no struggle because one is sheltered from creating their own wrath.

It may seem as though life creates struggles so one can learn from them, but the struggles we face come from within ourselves. Life doesn’t create them, that’s not how life works. Things happen because of certain laws and certain conditions produce certain results, this is just life being life, it’s never personal. There’s a place within every person that one can go when life seems over bearing, but life isn’t ever truly over bearing, its just what the Conditioned Mind creates, a story of a struggle.

Our center of being is a place, a shelter, an inner sanctuary, from the self created storms of life. If this place isn’t known when the Conditioned Mind creates these storms, we will be left unprotected and exposed to face our own wrath for not finding our shelter. We are the creator of our own misery, our shelter is our true essence of being, it’s our center to Universal Love or God if you like.

When Jesus prayed to the Father he did it to center himself, without this center we are left to use our own created devices to deal with arises. This is when we lose our center and we make up stories about life being a struggle. What we don’t understand is this center of being is our shelter from ourself. Life doesn’t challenge anybody, it doesn’t DO anything, life just is so any struggle one has with life arises from within themselves. Life is a happening, not a doing, there’s a big difference. Weather is a happening, eating is a doing. People do, life happens.

When one can stay centered there will be shelter from creating one’s own wrath. This is regardless of what happens in life, unless it’s made into a doing, but life does nothing to no one, it’s each individual alone from the way they’re conditioned that makes life seem like a struggle, and this occurs because without a center, life is put upon one’s shoulders and this makes it something that has to be done. Understanding whatever is going on between one’s ears about what has to be done is totally on the individual, it’s something one creates within themselves.

Don’t blame life for not staying centered and being left unprotected and exposed for all kinds of mischief to arise. Find your center so you’re sheltered from your own mind and stay there as much as possible. The more you stay there, the fewer storms there will be in your life and the less it will seem like life creates struggles. 


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  1. Debra Ann Acosta said:

    Thank you Michael! I am giving my self more struggles then I should be. Thank you for helping me try to change my CONDITIONED MIND, as I notice it, and God willingly shall get there. I love that LIFE, not being personal, is not giving me these struggles. Thanks again. Your #1 fan ALWAYS

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