This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

An Always Moving Mind

If there’s ever to be peace in one’s life, discipline to see that the mind is always moving, why these mind agitations arise, and how to quiet them will have to be developed.

Until one learns a discipline that allows the mind to stop moving, what is used to keep it moving determines what one’s state of being will be. There are many many things that are used to keep the mind moving and one’s conditioning determines this. Whether the moving mind manifest as sex, drugs, alcohol, food, false pride, trying to control life and others, talking about others in a slanderous way, or whatever is being used to keep the mind moving, it will not stop until the agitation is satisfied that keeps it moving, but even then it doesn’t remain satisfied for long so it basically will always be moving and agitated until it’s learned not to move. Simple, but very difficult.

When these mind agitations arise, if the necessary discipline has been developed, the mind will stop moving and one’s instinctual
reactions will be based in love. If not one’s reactions will probably be of a self serving nature and manifest in some form that’s probably not conducive to one’s well being. So it’s best to develop discipline that allows the mind to stop moving so one isn’t controlled by their agitations. If discipline isn’t developed, the arisen agitation will constantly keep the mind moving as the agitation has to be satisfied, and something will be reached for to satisfied the agitation I guarantee you that. Most of us are conditioned to have a moving mind and are controlled by our agitations, that’s why its so important to develop discipline because to me it’s the only thing I’ve found that stops the mind, well maybe not stop it, but at least slow it down so the mind agitations lessen. So learn to have a mind that quiets somewhat because the choice is to have one that is always moving and agitated, and I guarantee you this, as long as it’s always moving it will control you as if you were a puppet on a string. As always this is one’s choice, but without discipline there really isn’t one. 


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