This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Selfing energy only focuses on self and it usually arises when one is Hungry Angry Lonely or Tired (HALT). Selfing is destructive because it’s strictly designed to only satisfy self.

Since every action arises from the energy directed towards it, it can be said one’s life is a direct result of themselves, but mostly this is done unconsciously. There’s an acronym that can be used to assist one in understanding why they do what they do at times, HALT is it, Hungry Angry Lonely Tired and why this is of value is because when a person is in one of these states, there’s usually selfing going on. What I mean by “selfing is going on” is one is stuck in a state of mind where it’s only about themselves. This selfing opens the door for all kinds of destructive behavior, it leads to people abusing drugs, alcohol, food, gambling, porn, and tobacco products to name a few.

Any behavior that results in reaching for something selfishly is destructive to oneself and it can only be described as insane, but this selfing and reaching is done all the time. Drug abuse, an alcoholic who drinks, a diabetic eating foods they shouldn’t, anyone using tobacco products on a daily bases, masturbation, fast food, and on and on, all these behaviors are a result of selfing when one is Hungry Angry Lonely or Tired (HALT) which is what makes one susceptible to doing things that are destructive. Selfing behavior is destructive because it’s designed to satisfy a fictitious story of the Conditioned Mind; a story that arises only to fulfill self.

Selfing is the only reason one reaches for anything destructive to oneself, there’s no room for rational behavior when one is selfing because there’s only room for self and when it’s all about me, there’s no room for you. This selfing is something I did unconsciously my whole life , but now there’s awareness of it so when I get Hungry Angry Lonely or Tired (HALT) I can take a deep breath and the selfing subsides, and without the focus on self there’s no one needing a fictitious fulfillment. Investigate this for yourself so when you get Hungry Angry Lonely Tired (HALT) you will understand selfing is not required nor is the insanity of causing one’s own destruction by reaching for something that’s causing it. 


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