This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Non Labeling Space

In the space between what the eyes see and the label applied is one’s place of freedom. The more settled the mind is, the more chance there is for one to be aware of this space.

The space between what the eyes see and the labeled applied is where the space of freedom lies. It’s divine in nature because it doesn’t require a label, although saying its divine in nature is a label. The process of just being with life as it occurs without labeling it goes against everything that one has been taught and because of this it’s the most difficult space to be in. Investigate this for yourself, label, label, label, it’s what we do, it’s not right or wrong, but it is the way of the Conditioned Mind. One may ask what will I become without my labels? This answer can only come from within oneself. I have an answer, it may not resonate with you, as others have answers that don’t necessarily resonate with me, but the label of wrong or right needn’t be applied; as it is seen it is seen.

When I read something that connects with me it’s because it’s already in me, it doesn’t need a label to connect. There are many labels that one applies, but they all arise from attachment and this attachment arises from a delusional sense of self; a self that does exist, just not in the way one labels it. Ask yourself who is doing the labeling which is contingent on one’s Conditioned Mind? We’re influenced by so many things in life and they’re all distractions to keep one from the space of their own magnificence.

Self investigation allows one to see what labeled attachment occupies the space between what the eyes see and the label applied. The more awareness there is of this, the more chance there is to stop applying the label. For me awareness of my own mind has been the key in having any ability at all in controlling some of the reactive labels that were applied for most of my life, and because some are more engrained in the subconscious than others, some labels are harder not to attach to. Fret not though, it has been my experience that one moment at a time, one label at a time can be let go of, and whether one likes it or not, there will come a time when every label is let go of. 


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