This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Activities Based in Love

Life can be viewed as one activity after another and although these activities lead to either love or hate, it’s all the activities in between that gives our life its base energy.

In the simplest of ways our human existence can be described as one activity after another and the direction of the activity becomes the direction of one’s life, so one should avoid what’s harmful and do what’s beneficial. If this is truly looked at one will see the profound yet simplistic approach in this. Activities of drama produce drama, activities of kindness produce kindness, very simple. Although this is very basic, it’s surrounded by so much truth, is it not? Can you be of love and not produce love? Or just the opposite can you be of hate and not produce hate. These two activities are the extreme; there are many in between activities that lead to these. To me one just doesn’t wake up one day and loves or hates, the daily activities in between these extremes molds one into the energy of their activities.

One of the benefits of mediation and concentration is to be able to see the subtlety of the activities of the mind and the effect they have on one’s life. Make no mistake, the benefit of seeing this has nothing to do with the experience being pleasurable, it will result in exposing activities that cause one’s own suffering. When a person hates the activities that lead to the hating puts one on an emotional roller coaster and takes everyone who’s encountered along for the ride. The opposite is true for love because as one loves, instead of all the activities associated with hate being given energy, patience, kindness, compassion, and all the other activities associated with love are given energy.

There are many different activities that mold our human existence and each one reinforces the base of one’s energy. Align with activities associated with love and simply put, that will be your life’s energy. When love is one’s base, it will be the guiding force of the activities in your life and if enough of your activities are based in the energy of love, you will only love because through your activities, it will be the energy of who you’ve become. 


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