This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Stuck in a Maze

As one wanders through the maze of life, at some point if it’s not realized you are lost, you will continue to wander aimlessly without direction or a clue as to where you are going.

One’s life can be likened to being stuck in a maze, at the beginning of it one enters into the maze, unfortunately a map isn’t given on how to get through it so most people get lost; even when a map is given, most times it’s not the right one. Other people are encountered while in the maze and although they give well intentioned directions on how to proceed, the one’s giving the directions are also lost. The do beam with confidence that they know the way, but if that were so why are they still in the maze? It seems as though everyone in the maze is lost wandering around aimlessly, but every now and then a person is encountered that doesn’t profess to know the way, but does seem to know where they are going; mostly these people are ignored and labeled by others as weird or eccentric because one thinks “how can they know the way when they’re in the same maze as me.”

As one wanders aimlessly without direction through the maze trying to find the way, they find themselves deeper and deeper in the maze as the hope of ever getting out becomes dimmer and dimmer. Than one day out of no where two men are encountered in the maze, one claims to know the way out and has a map he says proves it, but it’s all propaganda, he is as lost as everyone else. The other man makes no such claim and has no such map. The one with the map boost and brags to know the way, the other one just sits in silence until he is approached, not claiming anything.

The one who claims to know the way out is sought by many as there is much time and energy spent on proving to others he knows the way, even though he doesn’t. The one who is silent is encountered by but a few and it takes only seconds to explain the way out, he simply says “I make no such claim that I know the way out, for you already have that knowledge within you. I wouldn’t be concerned with the way that’s unknown, I would back track and follow the way that you came in, before you got lost. And lo and behold if you follow that way you will find what you have been searching for since your journey began.” Namaste 


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