This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Non Beneficial Nonsense

If one is to see what’s truly beneficial in their life, the mind will have to be very still. Many of the developed tools considered to be beneficial are later found to be non beneficial nonsense.

It’s more important to develop practical tools that have actual benefits in their results than to reach out aimlessly for things that later prove not to be beneficial at all. We all have certain conditioning and theories that are held onto, but if they don’t manifest in results that are beneficial in ones life, their valueless. To know what’s truly beneficial that it adds value to one’s life is something that’s dependent on what one considers a benefit. To truly know something is beneficial it has to tried and tested and not just something that’s thought to be a benefit.

At first some people with certain tendencies think drinking alcohol is a benefit, but then it turns against them. Same thing with illegal drugs, people who abuse pain medication, gamblers, food addicts, thrill seekers and the such, but it’s not limited to only glaring addictions, it also applies to less subtle ones. Chocolate cake may seem like it’s a benefit because it’s thought to bring pleasure, but what if one is over weight or a diabetic, not much benefit there; sugar itself is not truly beneficial to anyone. Speeding may get one to their destination quicker, but it’s dangerous and not a true benefit. How about texting while driving or over extending yourself on credit, and as with any list it goes on and on. The truly scary thing about this is, it’s one’s own mind that creates all this non beneficial nonsense.

So the more practical things are kept in life, the more settled the mind stays and with a settled mind what truly is a benefit can be seen. If one remains in a state of presence where things are accepted as they’re occurring in the now, the mind doesn’t come into play as much. But if one engages in the thought process of some past or future conditioning, the non beneficial nonsense begins. What this will cause is that non beneficial nonsense will be a huge part of one’s life and no matter how little value it truly has, it will take up most of one’s life. 


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