This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Existence is Sacred 

Our existence is because of the Universe and we are all servants to it. If it’s chosen to look at it in this way, this will determine how mindful we are that our existence is sacred.

Living and enjoying the life you’ve been given determines the way life is viewed and knowing the origin from whence ye came. We are servants to the Universe, to serve and to humbly walk our sacred journey. It’s sacred because our existence is temporary and it isn’t a result of anything we do. If it’s spent trying to satisfy the self, the sacredness will not be understood, but if you live to serve the Universe, your life will be saturated with love. You will understand life as few do and you will have a heart of love that wants to serve because it’s understood the more you serve, the more aligned you are with Universal Love.

Jesus washed the feet of others to show how to serve, this is the love and humility needed to understand existence is sacred. Jesus was the “Master of Love” and he lead by example to show us what to do. Today so much false pride gets in the way in our ability to love that we lose the awareness of how sacred our existence is. You are alive because of the Universe and without it you would not be, no matter how much pride you have. The Universe giveth and the Universe taketh away, such is the nature of life. What our gift is goes beyond all the nonsense that occurs between our ears, it’s our sacred journey. The more mindful one is of this, the more one will serve and the more one serves, the more the truth that one’s existence is sacred will be realized. 


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