This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Delusional I Based Fear

Fear is at the root of all delusion and I is the link, this makes fear the default setting of one’s mind. If one is to break free from the grip of this fear based delusion, the attachment to I needs to fall away.

Delusion is the unawareness of how things truly exist and as long as there’s unawareness of how things truly exist, fear will be the driving energy in one’s life; to go beyond this delusion is to go beyond fear. At the root of all delusion is I because without an understanding of I there can’t be a true understanding of anything; hence one remains stuck in a delusional existence based in fear. This creates a big circle: the more delusion there is, the more one is entrapped to their I so the more fear is one’s driving energy, and the circle is completed because the more fear is in control, the more one is entrapped to I, and the more delusion this creates. The stronger the delusion, the more separated one is from their true self and others. It’s the opposite with love, the more love is the minds default setting, the more unity, a sense of we, there is. Love never separates, nor does it fear.

All anger comes from I and it doesn’t allow one to be objective to see beyond their delusions. But you may say what of all the horrible (labeled by I) things that go on in the world, sadly they’re all caused by the same delusion of I, if this delusional I didn’t exist nor would the so called horrible things. This is very difficult to see unless there’s something in place to allow this to be seen, I know this for a fact because I didn’t see the delusion for many many years, but now there’s a practice in place that allows it to be seen.

When one awakens their delusions are exposed, this is the shift that occurs. Many are called to have this shift, but few understand what they’re being called to and what happens is the shift doesn’t take hold and things return to the conditioning of a fear based I; when I is one’s base, the base is delusional. Who gets angry, who hates, who fears, who loves, who feels, etc and the answer is I does, so without I none of these things would transpire and this form that’s being occupied would still be, just not in the delusional way that one’s I sees it. 


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