This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Every Acorn is An Oak Tree 

Every acorn doesn’t become an oak tree, but every acorn does have the potential to become an oak tree, and what it’ll take for this transformation to occur has to be cultivated.

Although every acorn has the potential to be an oak tree, to most people it’s seen just as an acorn. When holding or viewing an acorn not many say “look, here’s an oak tree” and the other side to this is not every acorn becomes an oak tree. So let’s look at the acorns potential, we have all heard the question “was it the chicken or the egg that came first” but what of the oak tree, was it the acorn or the oak tree that came first? Not that I have this answer, but to me this question shows an answer doesn’t really matter. What does matter is recognizing that there’s an oak tree in every acorn that’s waiting to be let out.

So what will it take to let it out, no one would argue that there’s potential in every acorn to be an oak tree, but what blocks this from happening, this understanding is key why every acorn doesn’t become an oak tree. This is very simple, the reason why every acorn doesn’t become an oak tree is because not every acorn is cultivated in a way to allow it to become as so, nothing more, nothing less. With the one’s that get what’s necessary to become an oak tree, they’re just following the natural course of their existence, they’re reaching their potential. It’s not that the oak tree doesn’t exist when they’re in the acorn form, it’s just that the true essence of their existence isn’t being fulfilled.

Here’s what I’m getting at with this analogy, substitute the acorn with our human existence, notice the similarity with the acorn. We all have potential to grow and reach our full potential, but as with the acorn, we will never reach our potential if we’re not cultivating what will make this happen. Sure we existence in human form, but are we to remain as the acorn or are we going to do what’s necessary to become an oak tree? Not everyone will become an oak tree for whatever reason, but the potential is there for everyone. It’s up to each individual to cultivate what will enhance their life so they can reach their potential and it’s up to you what you become. Just understand the potential is there for all, but reaching it is determined by seeing beyond the acorn and seeing an oak tree. 


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