This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

The Need to Love

The human heart has a greater need to love than to be loved and it’s through this giving of love, with no attached conditions that the world will be changed.

The human heart has a greater need to love than to be loved. I know for me it wasn’t the lack of people loving me that caused my issues growing up, it was me not knowing how to love, that was the real cause of all my so called issues. The love one is given is nice, but it’s not necessary. Like I said, I was given a lot of love in my life, but it never stopped me from acting in an unloving way. Today it’s much different, the love I give is the only thing that matters to me because it’s the only thing I can control, how anyone else acts is on them.

This is important to see if there’s ever to be unity with ourselves and with others, not for any other reason that this is the only way regardless of what happens, that there won’t be conflict within oneself and with others. Have no conflict with anything and you’ll naturally have peace. The underlying fact is in order for there to be conflict with anything, a concept of self has to be in place, not that a self doesn’t exist, it’s just not in the conceptual way that’s engrained in humanity. Whenever there’s conflict it has to arise from a conceptual self because the conflict itself is a concept. True love isn’t based in a conceptual thought, it just is, so there’s never any conflict.

The concept of self doesn’t allow one to love because it blocks love by being thought based, a concept is but a thought, nothing more; true love is beyond thought. It’s impossible to love and be in conflict, this doesn’t mean there isn’t compassion, but because it’s understood that only giving love is needed, conflict is non existent. Look for yourself at what causes any conflict that you have. If your mind is settled and you can be honest with yourself, you will see the only reason there’s ever a conflict is because there’s a self serving thought that’s creating it. 


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