This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Self Mind Dependency 

Being dependent on anything but the essentials to live creates a prison. One becomes a prisoner to the bondage of a self mind that blocks love’s guided energy and although you are alive, you never truly live.

When there are dependencies on anything but the essentials to live, the dependency becomes a self mind created prison. How controlling this is determines the degree of love as being one’s guided energy; make no mistake, dependency is a block to love no matter how subtle it is. Alcohol or drugs are only different than coffee and jelly beans because of their devastating consequences, but bondage is bondage no matter what’s used to keep one in prison. Hers’s something to think about that’s much more subtle than the surface substances or objects most use, the real bondage is to a self created by one’s own mind, this is the what creates one’s prison, the substance or object don’t really matter.

A substance or object can hold you in captivity, but it’s your self mind that puts you in the place of needing something, without the self mind telling you something is needed, dependency on anything would be non existent. The subtleness of bondage is mind boggling, take an alarm clock as an example, as soon as the alarm rings if the snooze button is hit instantly there’s bondage because the self mind wants the moment to be in some other way. This is the way bondage works and if there isn’t awareness of this, its off to the races of being controlled by a Conditioned Mind that’s dependent on wanting things the way that one wants them.

This dependency and bondage takes on many forms: talking about others, eating habits, pouting or sulking, social status, being miserly (cheap), trying to control situations and people, judging, lust, greed, envy, self righteousness, false pride, and the list goes on, but what all these have in common is they’re external solutions of the Conditioned Mind to fix an internal problem of lack, and until something is done to allow the mind to settle, this lack will probably be there until the day that life in this form ends. If this happens life will never truly be experienced in the way that it could have been.

As mentioned some dependencies may not seem as devastating as others, but whatever is used it doesn’t allow love to be one’s guided energy so life will not be experienced from the freedom of the bondage of one’s self mind and the life one is given will never be truly lived. Only love’s guided energy allows one to truly live and it’s only the dependency to the bondage of one’s self mind that blocks this from occurring. 


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